What We Learned - July 18-22

Welcome to our new series where Colby and Gina tell you about all sort of things that they learned and learned to do over the week: 

Colby: I guest host trivia once a month at the bar down the street. On these weeks, I turn up more than a few unusual facts. Like so: More vice presidents have come from New York than any other state.

Gina: I learned how to edit movies with iMovie on my iPhone 6S and I might be addicted… Check out this link from Slate and learn for yourself!

Colby: I learned how to edit movies with iMovie on my laptop so I could stop bothering the edit house for small trims that were about to cost my agency lots of bucks.

Bonus learnin' due to trivia hosting: Ray Parker, Jr's Ghostbuster theme lost the Oscar to Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called To Say I Love You." 

Gina:   The term “Osborne Effect” comes from the first company to sell laptops (Osborne Computer Corporation) who botched their own sales by telling customers to hold out for better iterations of their own product. Whoops. Hear the rest of the story here on Open for Business, a podcast by Gimlet Creative.

Colby: Today I learned I can bribe a family law lawyer into helping a friend of mine merely by sending her the link to my TEDx talk.

Gina:   Here's another one from a podcast (I mayyyy need an intervention...) called How to Do Everything from NPR. Honeybees do something called the "Waggle Dance" which tells other bees where food sources are located. No. Way. 

Colby: I've been recommending Ezra Klein's long form interview podcast in a lot of conversations. He's had great guests like Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates. But my favorite three episodes are his interviews with conservative stalwarts Grover Norquist, Andrew Sullivan, and this new one with Yuval Levin.

Gina:   Traditional kimchi has shrimp paste in it, so it's not vegetarian or good for me, a human with a shellfish allergy.

Colby: and on the 5th day, he rested. See you next week, Colby Black. - gcl

Gina:   You probably shouldn't let your husband try to trim your foster dogs and the groomers at Petsmart at amazingly affordable. 


Gina Leggett