About Renaissance Person

Renaissance Person is a celebration of preparedness and the pursuit of everything. We want to build a community of Jacks and Jills of More Trades, Insatiably Curious Polymaths, and Teachers/Sharers of Skills.

Our main program, RP Presents!, is a comedic variety show of how-tos. Please contact gina@renaissanceperson.com if you're interested in presenting a skill at a live event!


Gina is building a community of those who focus on continual learning, problem solving, and insatiable curiosity. Professionally (past and current): investment banking, event planning, bartending instruction, biotech, public health, pre-K gymnastics, and community organization. Loves urban farming, giving advice, day drinking, cooking, tweaking an Arduino, and learning how to do every. single. thing. 

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of everything.
We are Renaissance Person.