Renaissance Person
Renaissance Person
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Everything!

About Renaissance Person

Renaissance Person is a three-year-old event series where we learn hands-on skills from experts and enthusiasts.

Since inception, we’ve learned over 70 skills, ranging from beatboxing with the world champion to folding fitted sheets to shucking oysters with a marine ecologist.


About Gina Colagioia

Gina is building a community of those who focus on continual learning, problem solving, and insatiable curiosity. Professionally (past and current): client relations, event planning, bartending instruction, biotech, public health, pre-K gymnastics, and community organization. Loves urban farming, giving advice, day drinking, cooking, tweaking an Arduino, and learning how to do every. single. thing.

Certifications: Ordained Minister, Google Analytics, Trap-Neuter-Release for Feral Cats, Licensed Marine Fisherman, NYC Poll Worker, Naloxone Carrier

OK at Everything.