Isn't it rewarding?

This past Sunday, six of us sat strewn across my Brooklyn apartment talking about the importance of an open floor plan when entertaining at home. Two of these people were friends of a dear friend (co-Founder, Colby Black) visiting from Austin who though that, just perhaps, my Beloved Brooklyn might be for them too.

“What sort of work would you be looking for,” I asked.
“I work in User Experi…,” Jaye began to reply.
“DAMMIT.” Colby interrupted.

“…do you want me to help you?”
“Would you like me to show you the correct tool to use?”


Apparently this kit is illegal in some states. I'm such a badass.

Apparently this kit is illegal in some states. I'm such a badass.

Colby sat hovered over a lock picking kit that I had ordered soon after we decided to start Renaissance Person. This is the same kit that I had glared at the Wednesday night before, which had left a callous on my thumb that was still healing days later. I have to admit that I was pained, as surely he must have known that a pro was in the room who could have taught him the way – a pro who learned her way around the mean locks of Brooklyn Heights by watching YouTube videos on the couch until her husband came home and who had DOMINATED the practice lock (but was still unable to open the real lock as it was too small – despite the fact that my hands are usually mini enough to complete minute tasks).

I was still reeling from my accomplishments earlier that week though because, for me, there is no greater joy than being able to say that I am perfectly and efficiently… perfunctory in a new skill. The rewarding click of the lock popping open was enough to keep me excited for days. 

And that’s what Renaissance Person is all about. The ability to walk into any situation and be able to say “I can do that” or at least pass on the knowledge of how to. To not hit a wall due to a lack of knowledge or craftiness. To realize life is short and there are so many things to do and learn and to pursue all of those things. The reward of this pursuit alone, but especially of successful pursuit, is what keeps me coming back for new projects.

The thrill of being able to work in investment banking; while playing the ukulele; and maybe, eventually getting you into your house if you’re locked out; working on one of the largest urban composting projects in country; perfecting soufflé recipes on the weekends.

We are Renaissance Person. Stay tuned for how-tos (including lock picking,) info on our live events (the first is May 12th, 2016,) and general commentary on the pursuit of knowledge and skill.

Gina Leggett