An RP How-To Quickie: Make a Stuck Elevator Move Again

In 1986, I got stuck in a dark elevator with my mother at the JC Penny's in the Sunrise Mall on Long Island. Of all the traumas, big and small, this is one of the few that has really stuck with me.

I work on the 27th floor and live on the 16th, so I take many elevators - and when one malfunctions in even the slightest way, but heart pounds and it starts becoming hard to swallow. If an elevator has more than four people in it, I wait for the next one, just in case.

So when I got stuck in an elevator in my office building 20 minutes ago with a man who works on another floor, I shifted uncomfortably and awkwardly said "Well, I guess we live here now."

And he *HOPS. And the elevator bounces. And I gasp.

And the door opens. 

"Resets the door," he says. "We can live in our homes again."

*RP Disclaimer - I don't know if this works every time, but it worked like a charm THIS time and for that, I am forever grateful.