RP Picks for June - Four Places to Build Business Skillsets Online

Aside from riding my new bike around Amagansett two weekends ago for the first time in 20 years, almost all of my learning/skill building was done online this past month. In fact, I don't think I took one actual class - but I have tons lined up for June that you'll be hearing about next month.

So here's what I've been up to:

Data Camp (look for an in-depth profile on them later this month here on the blog) was factored in to a data science class that I'm taking through Springboard and I cannot get enough of their fantastic interface and easy-to-learn coding for R and Python. If you're a learn-by-doing sort of person (you're on this blog, of course you are,) then this is for you. I've been able to apply the things I've learned there to real life data sets (including visual modeling.) Their program is super affordable ($25/month full price, but you can get a trial for free through the link attached) and I'm pretty addicted.

Duolingo isn't JUST an app anymore! You can link it to your desktop and continue learning wherever you are! It's endorsed by me, my celebrity crush Tim Ferriss, and anyone else who has used it. This program is TOTALLY FREE and they currently have 27 languages to choose from. It fine-tuned my French well enough to use it at work and with my very limited Spanish knowledge (known solely from less than one month of Duolingo and from Sesame Street in the 1980s) managed to have a conversation with a boat captain in the rural Yucatan about how leaves of a specific tree dye the water red and it's changed the coloration of all local flora and fauna.  

Lynda.com is geared more toward professional skills and it's where I learned how to build my own Wordpress and my first foray in to Google Analytics (see my further forays below). My playlist includes a Salesforce overview, Stack, and How to Pitch to Angel Investors for my other project (which I'm bound to mention in a future post.) Standard subscriptions are $25/month or free if you're paying for an upgraded LinkedIn membership. I'm going to suggest that this is best if you have some specific things in mind - like if you lied on your resume and need to come through with the knowledge that you said you had (not that I would know anything about that....)

Google Analytics Individual Qualification - This is a best-kept secret. You can get certified in Google Analytics and Google Adwords online for free. These skills are incredibly useful if you have a business and want to see where your traffic is coming from, how you're making money, and how you should go about getting more traffic and/or money. This is invaluable if you work in sales operations too. The whole process takes a few days (there are about 8 hours of videos between the two programs and then a test for each.) 



Gina Leggett