RP PRESENTS: How to Fake Your Death (...and other vital skills)

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Renaissance Person is pleased to announce our April VI(R)P, author Elizabeth Greenwood
Learn a little more about Elizabeth below:

Elizabeth Greenwood died in Manila on July 7, 2013. Or at least that’s what it says on her death certificate, which she received in the Philippines and now keeps tucked away in a file cabinet at home.

PLAYING DEAD: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud (Simon & Schuster) follows Greenwood (who is very much alive) on a darkly comic romp through the disappearance industry as she uncovers how and why people fake their deaths, and whether disappearing without a trace is still even possible in the 21 st century.  Inspired by her desire to outrun six figures of student loan debt, Greenwood—who realized she was technically worth more dead than alive—was determined to find out what it would take to cut all ties and disappear forever.

In this exciting nonfiction debut, Greenwood takes readers across the globe on a search for death fraudsters and the experts who help them vanish. In New York she visits a privacy consultant who—for $30,000—can make someone disappear, and meets a private investigator who makes his living finding the “undead.”