Liz Greenwood's 9 Questions to Consider When Faking Your Own Death!

On April 11th, we were joined by author Liz Greenwood (Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud) and she passed along nine questions for the Renaissance Person to consider before trying to fake their own deaths. As we learned at the event, success on this front is very limited, so make sure you're prepared!

Deeper explanations of the questions can be found in her book, which can be purchased at the link above!

1. Do you fit the pseudocide stereotype?
2. What’s your motivation?
3. Can you cut ties?
4. Are you in good health? 
5. Do you have an alternate identity prepared?
6.   Have you spent enough time building that identity on paper so that you look like a real person?
7. Or, are you prepared to live off the grid?
8. Can you create a believable fatal accident?
9.  Do you have a guilty conscience?

Gina Leggett