April Event Recap

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We had an awesome time learning about faking our deaths at RP Presents on April 11 and can't wait for the next event in June! 

Are you interested in presenting at a future event? Have a skill you've been dying to learn? Questions? Comments? Contact Gina herehere, or here!

Congratulations to our makeshift shelter contest winners Tiffany and Duane who received a copy of Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud and two tickets to a future event. 

A huge thank you to attendees, VI(R)P Liz Greenwood, Spanish instructor Jerie Choi Ortiz, and host Colby Black!

More photos can be seen on our Instagram! (Left to Right: Hosts Gina and Colby with VI(R)P Liz Greenwood; Liz makes sure our friend Dan is ready to disappear into the ether; Liz and our shelter competition winners Duane and Tiffany! Great job!

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