Gina Does It: Juggling Day 1

My high school had a unit called Circus Arts. 

I don't know why. Is this a thing all around America?

They'd set up different stations and you'd ride a unicycle, learn to juggle, hula hoop tricks, etc. For some reason, for the life of me, I was never able to juggle.

Listen, I understand that this isn't some hard-hitting life skill like some of the others we teach, but isn't there something so infuriating about not being able to make a dent in a skill?

So here's the chronicling of my skill-building. I'll be posting once a week for four weeks. I watched the first three videos from the Youtube Channel "National Circus Project" and you can see my first attempt below! Do you have any suggestions on my form? Am I onto flaming clubs for next week? 

Gina Leggett