How to Find a Lost Dog in Brooklyn!

I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to the "Lost and Found Pets in Brooklyn" Facebook page. On Tuesday night, I was walking my sweet poodles through Fort Greene Park when my partner said he thought he heard a skirmish between dogs. Minutes later, we heard someone calling for their lost greyhound. I grabbed his phone number, dropped my dogs off back home, and we hit the streets, asking people if they had seen Mocha. 

From Fort Greene, we tracked her to Downtown Brooklyn. From Downtown Brooklyn, we tracked her into the beginning of Brooklyn Heights - and then the trail went cold. Up and down all of Cadman Plaza, nobody had seen a scared little greyhound running up through the mean streets of Brooklyn*.

Heartbroken, Mocha's human, Ian, went online and posted about losing his sweet girl... then soon realized that the post right below his was someone who had, coincidentally, just found a little greyhound by Jay Street! The next morning, Mocha was reunited with her family = the best possible ending to this story.

So if finding a lost dog in Brooklyn is a skill that you've been hoping to pick up - I'd follow their Facebook page and maybe you can reunite a little cutie with their loving humans.


*they're not mean, they're lovely.

Gina LeggettPets, Brooklyn, How-To