A Sex-Ed Quiz from a Self-Proclaimed Sex-Ed Nerd!

Did you miss sex-ed teacher Leigh Clayton's sex trivia at our RP Presents!: Sex event at Solas on 2/27/18? Check out the whole thing here! Then share your knowledge, impress your friends!

1.    Known as “French Pox” which bacterial STI has a tertiary phase that can cause brain damage if left untreated?


2.    A spongy tissue that fills with blood during stimulation to produce an erection, what is the name of the smooth muscle that is responsible for the erection?

Corpus Cavernosum

3.    Believed to assist in the idea of communal paternity, humans are among of one of the only primates with this type of ovulation.


4.    Testicles are to Ovaries as Fallopian Tubes are to _____  _______.

Vas Deferens!

5.    The average ejaculate is around ¾ of a teaspoon and contains about 70% fluid from the seminal vesicles. What percentage of this mixture are sperm cells?

2-5% or 40,000,000 cells!

6.    Torn to pieces in the media for this policy, which college was the first to institute affirmative consent in 1990?

Antioch College created “affirmative consent”, which they were mocked relentlessly for in the media, especially by SNL.

7.    Although it was not available to couples until 5 years after its FDA approval, birth control was officially approved for human use in what year?


8.    PrEP and PEP are two new medications to slow the spread of HIV. What is the difference between PrEP and PEP?

PrEP is a daily pre-exposure medication, whereas PEP is Post Exposure and used in emergency situations.

9.    Which of these were not used as birth control?

Pomegranates                               Queen Anne’s Lace                                      Gourds

Gourds! Poth Pomegranates and Queen Anne’s Lace were used as birth control is the past. Queen Anne’s Lace is still used today!

10.   How long can a sperm cell survive in the fallopian tubes?

Up to 5 days!

11.   What are the extreme values (lowest and highest) of the Kinsey Scale?

The Kinsey Scale runs from 0 to 6, with 0 meaning a person is exclusively heterosexual and 6 meaning a person is exclusively homosexual.

12.   Made to conduct heat better, what is a female condom made of?

Nitrile or Polyurethane! These are an excellent alternative for those with a latex allergy.

13.   Without counting foreplay or start and stop methods, penetrative sex lasts, on average how many minutes?

5.4 minutes on average!

14.   A “large” orgasm can last 10-15 contractions, whereas a small one is only 3-5. How many seconds apart are the contractions of a female orgasm?

.8 of a second per contraction.

15.   Known as the cuddle chemical, what hormone is produced after sex?


Gina Leggett