Meet Our July VI(R)P, Margaret Kelley!

RP is pleased to announce the VI(R)P for our July 24th "Plants and Flowers" event at The Yard: Gowanus, Margaret Kelley of Margaret Kelley Flowers! She will be teaching us how to select and style flowers from your corner store! Each guest will leave with their own arrangement. 

About Margaret: Margaret Kelley is a multimedia artist, specializing in botanical design and styling.

As a floral designer, Margaret's pieces have been in residence at a variety of high-profile galleries, venues, and boutiques: Maison MayThe Roundhouse, BeaconSlate MagazineOne World ObservatoryJalopy Theatre and School of MusicFriends and Lovers in Crown Heights, Nana Clothing Boutique in DC, Jill Lindsey Boutique in Fort Greene, Audubon Naturalist Society’s Woodend Nature Sanctuary in Chevy Chase, MD, Glenview Mansion in Rockville, MD, Pilar Cuban Eatery in Bed-Stuy, and The Finch in Clinton Hill.

Events Margaret has designed for have included weddings, sympathy, dinner parties, galas, and live concerts.

She combines her love of floristry and gardening with her training in music to create inspiring displays.

She is currently a floral designer in residence at Park Delicatessen in Crown Heights.

She is also my childhood friend and we played the cello together in 1987.

Gina Leggett