Meet Our August VI(R)P, Gina Leggett (hey, that's me!)

This month we're celebrating... celebrating... with a party-themed RP Presents! And the VI(R)P is me! I'm Gina Leggett, Founder and Curator of Renaissance Person.

If you know me outside of RP, you'll know that I'm obsessed with hosting and parties. I invite everyone over for dinner, care about how I'm plating my apps, and do things like buy 100 tealights and spread rose petals in the hallway of my apartment building for a 25 person Valentine's Day pizza party.

I can't wait to share some party decorations with you and learn how to decorate cupcakes together! You can get tickets here for $15 and they include wine!

The rest of the story: I work in client relations/operations for a biotech investment bank during the day and I'm a volunteer leader at the farm in Red Hook. I was born bored and I love dabbling in every single thing! Formerly I worked as a bartender, a bartending instructor, a pre-K gymnastics teacher, a public health outreach coordinator, a patient advocate for vascular and dermatological health, ran a company selling hangover care packages, and once even went on tour with a Senegalese band as their interpreter (we both spoke terrible, broken French). 

So far running RP is my greatest professional joy. Thanks for being a part of it.

Gina Leggett