Meet Our March VI(R)P, Barrie Cohen!

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Anthemia is created by farmer, herbalist, and artist Barrie Cohen.

Barrie grew up in New York City but always felt a deep connection to nature. In her early twenties, she began working on organic vegetable farms, first in New Zealand and then across the U.S., from California to New York. Through years of farming and study, Barrie became increasingly well-versed in plants and their medicinal properties, eventually falling in love with the traditional practice of plant dyeing.

Today, Barrie works out of her studio in Brooklyn but still frequents local farms where she collects flowers and dye plants. Through Anthemia—which means “cluster of flowers” in Greek—Barrie combines her artistry in dyeing with her training in tarot. The result is one-of-a-kind garments that reflect the magic possibilities of dressing with intention.

Gina Leggett