Meet Liz King, our April VI(R)P!

I’m thrilled to announce our April VI(R)P, Liz King. On April 7th, Liz and I will be baking two types of bread and making homemade butter at a private location in Fort Greene.

I actually know Liz because I invited myself on a group vacation to Ocean City, MD that she was taking with a friend of a friend of mine in 2006, which is completely out-of-character, so I think that perhaps it was fate stepping in to lead us to this bready, yeasty moment.

I hope you come join us! Tickets include hands-on cooking, bread and butter (duh), coffee and tea, and two glasses of wine.

About Liz:

Liz King found her home in the kitchen at the age of 11, cooking for her family of 8 after her mom had a major surgical intervention. She spent 13 years working in Corporate America as a CPA, always struggling to find that work life balance. For years, she ran on autopilot feeling lethargic, holding unwanted weight, and scrambling to figure out what & how to eat.

In 2015, Liz founded Bliss in the Kitchen where she practices as a Nutrition Chef with the mission to help others cultivate a healthy relationship with food. She works to unlock the power of food to heal the body, prevent disease, and achieve optimal health. Liz uses few step and whole food ingredient methods to prepare food. She helps busy executives, moms and families with healthy habit formation, including assisting clients to shape up their kitchen environment while learning how to cook whole foods from kitchen to table.

Gina Leggett